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Wondering what's going on with your Second Amendment rights? Yea, me too!

The infamous whirlwind of changing laws surrounding our Second Amendment rights is daunting to follow, at it's very least. I get it. What if there was a singular place where we could get the info we require? Hence, this blog.

My Wife, Stephanie, and I had the coolest meeting last night (01/06/2023) with a true defender of our Second Amendment, Dan Wos. At first glance you would never expect such a man to be what he is, and I'm glad that I don't ever judge a book by its cover. Dan is a laid back guy dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. The kind of guy that isn't flashy or arrogant but super intelligent. This makes him the best man for the job. It's always those types of people that are the best for the type of work he does. He's a fighter, a true advocate with an abundance of knowledge when it comes to your Second Amendment rights and the attack on our right to bear arms in our great country.

We met Dan Wos a few months ago when we inquired about referrals for a company to produce a commercial for our product, the Holster Gator. Dan came highly regarded and best of all, he was local to us. Thru the early interactions, my wife and I felt he was a perfect fit. Easy to talk to, compassionate to our needs, intelligent and best of all, he was disgusted by the ripping apart of our rights. Dan and his son, Dan Jr did an amazing job on our commercial and we knew in that moment that a great relationship had been born. We felt very proud to align ourselves and our product/brand with such a man of his stature.

Going back to our meeting last night... It was brought to our attention that Dan was a published Author!

He has written three books in a series named "Good Gun Bad Guy".

Volume #1 is "Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical"

Volume #2 is "Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative"

Volume #3 is "Exposing Anti-Gun Politics"

Dan was kind enough to give me a copy of each and I have yet to read them, but I'm excited to do just that, cover to cover! They each have excellent reviews on Amazon so I'm surely in for a great read packed with useful knowledge as I myself move forward down this road of enlightenment.

Dan also runs a podcast named "The Loaded Mic". I've watched a few episodes already and it's great. The relationship he has with his co-hosts keeps you watching and you leave knowing that you're more knowledgeable than you were when you came.

Anyway, as Holster Gator moves forward, Dan will be close by for the foreseeable future. One of our goals before we started this venture was to surround ourselves with good, wholesome, honest and intelligent proud Americans. We're glad to have met him.

Looking forward, we'll be posting links or entire episodes of the "Loaded Mic" in this section. We're hoping that this grows to be one of the only sources you'll need to know just what in the hell is going with our gun rights. I also encourage you to follow them on Rumble.

Stop back anytime!

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