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Our Story

Holster Gator was born out of necessity, right here on our Homestead in Ballston Spa, New York. The Holster Gator has been awarded U.S. Patent & Trademark protection that encompasses all design variations. The best part is, the Holster Gator is 100% manufactured in the USA by "The Crew", using American made machines and American made raw materials.


My Wife, Stephanie and I are concealed carry permit holders, parents to three amazing children, avid hunters, farmers, and chicken growers. We take every responsibility listed above very seriously.


Being a full size pistol carrier, I found it rather uncomfortable to keep my pistol on my appendix while driving. I was forced to remove my pistol from my waist when driving my truck and place it anywhere I could, which was not ideal. There was no repeatability, no muscle memory to tell me where it was located in times of stress. Was it under the seat? Was it in the glove box? Was it in the center console? All questions I feared to have ever had to answer in the heat of the moment.


When I was home and it was time for bed, my pistol would either be under the bed or on the nightstand. Again, no repeatability, no muscle memory being developed.


Stephanie works from home so she had the option for an under the desk unit to hold her pistol, the infamous Magnet device. Great idea this magnet device was but the practical nature of it was severely flawed. On a few occasions, she had knocked it off the magnet as she slid into her desk, always a gut wrenching experience! She also noticed that the top of the pistol slide was being marked up due to placing the pistol on and off of the magnet. Worst of all, there is no trigger protection while mounted on the magnet!  We'd had enough of these games, someone was going to get hurt. 


Being proficient in CAD design and a career Machinist and Tool and Die Maker, I knew I could invent something. I began to design what would become "The Holster Gator". A device that would fit the belt clip of various Holster brands and attach virtually anywhere you wanted it.


The Holster Gator, using a patented design, grips the belt clip and allows the user to keep their holster with the pistol. This gives the user complete trigger protection (being holstered), allows them to develop muscle memory as to where their pistol is at all times, allows them to place their pistol in convenient locations, and secures their pistol while still allowing it to be holstered. Due to its patented design, the holstered pistol can be easily placed into the Holster Gator and easily removed, making it very convenient for "on the go" folks such as ourselves.  

"The Holster Gator", where Convenience, Repeatability and Reliability come as a package deal. Your pistol will be safe, secure and ready for you the very moment you need it.

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All rights reserved. Holster Gator and it's design(s)/concept are protected under United States Federal Patent Law.



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