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This model of Holster Gator will fit GCODE Holster plastic belt clips.



  • (1) Holster Gator
  • (1) Strip of VHB Tape 
  • (3) #6 Panhead Screws
  • (2) Alcohol Pads
  • (1) Tube of 3M Primer 94
  • (1) Installation instruction card with QR Code


Holster Gator is Claw compatible!


Holster Gator is the solution

  • Do you drive  while carrying concealed and think to yourself: Damn this pistol is grinding my hip!
  • Do you go to bed at night and lay your pistol on the nightstand?
  • Do you need a way to store your holster and pistol together?


Holster Gator allows you to easily and rapidly mount your holster in many different locations. Using our patent pending design, the Holster Gator uses the belt clip attached to your holster to secure your holster to the mount. With a simple sliding motion, your holster remains secure in the location of your choosing. The pressure created between the gripped belt clip and the body of your holster is what keeps your holster secure. 


Three options for mounting:

  1. Tape
  2. Tape and Screws
  3. Screws


(Unless noted, belts clips are not included)


Made entirely in the USA by our family. All of the materials included are sourced from USA based companies and small businesses.


Advantages of owning a Holster Gator:

  1. Conveniently mount your holster and pistol in various locations such as: Vehicle, Boat, UTV, ATV, Bedside, Under a Table or Countertop, Under a Desk, Gun Cabinet, Gun Closet, Wall, Locker, Showcase, Plane, Helicopter and other locations of your choosing.
  2. The Holster Gator can be orientated to your specific needs. This allows you to draw your pistol rapidly when seconds matter the most..
  3. Once you mount your Holster Gator, you begin to develop muscle memory. Your movements to obtain your pistol become repeatable. During high stress situations, muscle memory kicks in and you can take confidence in knowing that your holstered pistol is exactly where you wanted it to be; seconds matter in these situations!
  4. Storing your pistol within its holster is much safer than storing your pistol naked. While holstered, your trigger remains protected.
  5. Holster Gator is manufactured to be durable. We only use American made raw materials specifically designed for high impact ratings.
  6. Each Holster Gator you purchase comes with a full lifetime warranty. If it breaks or becomes worn beyond allowing it to function as we intended, ship it back to us and we'll replace it for free!


*Holster Gator is not affiliated with any Holster Manufacturer.

**Holster Gator is Patent Pending


VHB Tape Instructions:

The use of VHB Double Sided Tape requires you to follow the directions below precisely in order for a proper bond to occur. If you skip any of the steps, the tape will fail and a proper bond will not happen.


*This VHB Tape should only be applied in a warm environment. If the temperature outside is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, please turn the heat on in your vehicle and let it get nice and warm inside. We've found that running your floor heat works best. Gas is expensive so plan your mounting. Drive your daily routine with the heat on the floor and when you return home, leave the car running and perform your mounting to the exact directions listed below. We want this to be a success for you because the Holster Gator is awesome!


**Pre-clean the area you're mounting to with soap and water, especially if you use Armor All or similar interior oily products. All oily residue must be removed prior to beginning the process.

  1. Choose a flat area to mount your Holster Gator to.
  2. Clean area and back of Holster Gator with provided alcohol pads.
  3. Pinch the tube of Primer 94 until your hear a crack. Squeeze and apply to the back of the Holster Gator as well as the mounting surface.
  4. Allow all surfaces to dry thoroughly.
  5. Remove tape backing from one side. Press tape firmly onto the back of your Holster Gator. Apply pressure with your thumbs for 30 seconds.
  6. Remove remaining tape backing and press your Holster Gator onto your desired flat surface. Apply pressure for two minutes.
  7. Install provided screws if necessary.
  8. Allow the Holster Gator to sit for a full 24 hours before using.

After these steps have been completed fully, you can use your Holster Gator as you wish.

Holster Mount for GCODE Plastic Belt Clips

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on 1 review
  • Overall length: 2.75”

    Overall height: 2.00”

    Overall thickness: 0.900”

  • Each Holster Gator you purchase comes with a full lifetime warranty. If it breaks or becomes worn beyond allowing it to function as we intended, ship it back to us and we'll replace it for free!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 1 review